Our Team

Kenneth Wade, MSc, Cbiol, MIBiol


Kenneth Wade is an Environmental and Social Strategy Expert with 35 years experience of major projects across 4 continents. He began his career as an Environmental Regulator in the UK water industry, where for 11 years he worked on the development of biological indicators for regional and national projects influencing UK Environmental Policy. He was among the early pioneers to publish evidence of acid rainfall impacts on river biodiversity in the UK.

As a Technical Director for ESIA, SEA, ESDD, auditing and Waste Minimisation projects, Ken has lead multidisciplinary teams on many iconic projects in the public and private sector across the world. He has often provided expert evidence in courts of law and planning enquiries.

For the past 15 years Ken has developed environmental strategy and standards for national regulators and new economic cities in Saudi Arabia. He has also provided technical advisory roles for Ministries and Municipalities and lead a portfolio Compliance Assessment for the largest public sector power utility in the Region.

Ken has taken major Power, Water, Mining and Infrastructure projects to Financial Close. From his base in the UAE, he leads 5 Capitals’ expert team throughout the Middle East, Africa and in the ASEAN Region. Fossil fuel and renewable projects for all technologies have been successfully completed to Equator Principles, World Bank/IFC and numerous financial institutions and Export Credit Agency standards for >50,000 MW of Power and >2million m3/ daily of potable Water.