Power (Renewables)

5 Capitals has successfully completed the ESIAs for the largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects in Morocco, which include NOOR 1 (operational 2016), and NOOR2/3 (currently under construction).  These projects have been funded through the World Bank, African Development Bank and the European Investment Bank.  Construction and operational auditing is currently in progress.  Solar PV projects have also been taken to FC including small plants in East Africa and the largest PV Plant (200MW) in the Middle East, Dubai UAE.  Further wind and solar projects are in progress throughout the MENA Region, including in Egypt, Morocco and Jordan.

In Morocco the 120MW Khalladi Wind farm project was approved for funding by EBRD in 2015 and included detailed studies relating to a Land use Acquisition and Livelihood Restoration Plans and a Biodiversity Action Plan.  Windfarm projects are currently being assessed in the ASEAN Region.

5 Capitals GIS Manager is responsible for managing the Dii (Desert Industrial Initiative) database which is a tool for assessing renewables projects in the MENA Region with the objective of identifying and removing barriers to development of further renewables projects http://desertenergy.org