Riyadh Municipality Environmental Health Services

5 Capitals were engaged with their partners in Saudi Arabia, Al Masadar, in the field of licensing and inspection of premises engaged in the preparation and sale of foodstuffs, as well as additional services with potential public health impacts such as barbers and salons. Since 2005, the partnership have provided inspection service to the City of Riyadh, training and deploying more than 120 inspectors in the inspection of in excess of 50,000 licensed premises.

This project has seen us build the service from the ground up, initially designing the inspection regime, building the licensed premises database, before building and deploying a bespoke field solution (software and hardware) across the city. In parallel with this we have provided technical advisory services, built laboratory capacity, and supported developments in worker training, assisting Riyadh in meeting the challenges associated with a rapidly growing population of more than 6 million citizens.

Our success in Riyadh has seen us engaged to provide similar services throughout the Kingdom, with our inspection services now serving the needs of more than 10 million citizens.