In recent years, 5 Capitals has undertaken due diligence, feasibility and environmental and social studies for mining projects in Australia, Saudi Arabia and Africa.  In addition we have also undertaken ESIAs for coal-fired power projects across three continents including the world’s most advanced project in Dubai, UAE.  Feasibility studies for iron and phosphate mining have been undertaken in the Middle East, while detailed studies for Niobium and Rare Earth minerals have been undertaken in East Africa, most notably in Kenya.

The social and environmental assessment of mining proposals for the Mrima Hill Niobium and Rare Earth project in Kenya included consultations with >100 stakeholder groups from the government, universities, NGOs and the private sector, and community consultations with >2,000 attendees at the local meetings.  Following submission of the ESIA to NEMA (National Environmental Management Authority) and subsequent detailed responses to clarifications from the stakeholders, the ESIA was approved by the national regulator.

5 Capitals team in East Africa includes.