Max Burrow


Operations Manager



Max Burrow is 5 Capitals’ Operations Manager and is an experienced Environmental Consultant based in Dubai. Specifically he has experience in the management and preparation of environmental studies, plans and programmes for a variety of international projects and schemes, typically relating to multi-billion dollar industrial developments, large infrastructure projects and mixed-use applications.


Max’s work at 5 Capitals has primarily been undertaken across the MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia regions and has played a key role in assisting developers attain project finance and their necessary compliance approvals from an environmental and social perspective. Such work has ensured project applicability to lender (e.g. Equator Principles, WB/IFC, EBRD), as well as local requirements.


Prior to joining 5 Capitals, Max gained an Environmental Management degree from The University of Birmingham (UK) and spent several years working in the highways sector on behalf of the UK’s Highways Agency and private developers.