Colleague’s Insight

Steven Bater

Senior Environmental Specialist


Joined 5Cs – April 2016


“I am very fortunate to have gained a breadth of experience and to have worked with so many fantastic people during my 14 years as an Environmental Professional. I have worked on a diverse range of projects across 7 different countries. Past responsibilities have ranged from sampling of site sediments to corporate sustainability agendas, and everything in-between.

I completed my studies and started my career in the UK, a fantastic training ground for the Environmental Professional and I have spent the majority of my career working as a consultant for designers,construction firms and government entities.
I joined 5 Capitals in April 2016 and I count myself extremely lucky as I am honestly able to say, I love my job.

Working for 5 Capitals gives me the opportunity to undertake some fantastic site work, experience different cultures and countries and build my own client relationships and contributions to the business. These are all opportunities that simply would not be available with other similar consultancies that I have had experience with. Gone are the days of being office bound, feeling like I am working for a faceless, careless organisation.

After nearly 7 months of joining, it has been a real joy to witness the culture that has been built and maintained by the organisations founders. Many organisations strive for or claim to be “one big happy family” but at 5 Capitals, despite the global presence, I have seen it evident every day. There is a real sense that we are all working together to achieve the same goal and I know that I can rely on my fellow colleagues through thick and thin.

For the future, I am hoping for more of the same. If there is such a thing as a ‘job for life’, then I hope I have found mine.”